After spending 500,000 yuan to build a new 163-square-meter classical Chinese-style house, even my father, who has always had a high vision, praised his taste.

The wedding hall is still very spacious. His parents bought him on side of outer ring road. Although it is a little far from city, its area is 163 square meters. The community is also mature. And decor is very good. My parents should help with decoration. I also rejected it, thinking that I came here on my own, under their influence, and I also really like Chinese style. The decoration cost 500,000 yuan, and finished result is even my father, who always had a high vision, appreciated taste.

Most of furniture and decorations are made of solid wood, including mural behind background wall of sofa is also framed with solid wood, and ceiling is made of solid wood for window bars and decorative lines. The effect is elegant and atmospheric, and each place exudes a breath of classic atmosphere.

The TV wall and sofa wall have same design, but different materials are used. All of them are framed by massive wooden frames. The background wall of sofa is made of watercolor winter paintings, and TV wall is decorated with marble. The whole decoration looks more elegant.

Looking all over living room in this way, classic temperament can be seen everywhere. This is not a dull and old-fashioned look that only elderly live in, but a youthful style that exudes elegance. Even young people live in it. I don't feel depressed and boring.

The TV wall is not only made of solid wood and marble, hard and soft, sides of marble background board are still made of solid wood window bars, which completes whole decor style and is vintage.

The dining area features a solid wood round dining table and chairs, with built-in solid wood sideboards on side. All furniture, door frames and cabinets are in same color tone, which is uniform and harmonious, and looks stable and more stylish.

In middle of two sets of sideboards is a sliding door leading to kitchen. The dining room balcony is also separated by a glass sliding door. The lighting is very good and entire dining room and kitchen look bright and open.

The kitchen is inside a sliding door. Custom-made solid wood cabinets are paired with white wall tiles, while hues and colors enhance overall natural beauty of kitchen.

The bedroom is simple and elegant. With exception of suspended ceiling of pool with lamps, rest of walls are basically four white floors. It is this combination of dark and light colors that gives bedroom enough freshness and elegance. , The bedroom is actually simpler, so you can fall asleep like this. It's more comfortable, isn't it?

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The wedding hall is still very spacious. His parents bought him on side of outer ring road. Although it is a little far from city, its area is 163 square meters. The community is also mature. And decor is very good. My parents sho...
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