Buy a house on the ground floor and get a small yard of 40 m2, which will be turned into a private garden, where neighbors in their summer cottage come to study.

Buying a new house on ground floor has many advantages, but there is one drawback - security. The new house I bought is also on ground floor. I have always envied owner of villa with a yard. Now I figured it out myself. Not to mention cheap price, I also gave away a small yard of about 40 square meters, which is just as exquisite, as well as interior decoration. After decorating a small yard and turning it into a private garden, I no longer envy villa. Even neighbors in dacha next door came to visit one by one, and even learned from experience of decorating courtyard doorway. What a sense of accomplishment !

That is, in this way you can control a small courtyard on ground floor, because if it is a balcony with a higher floor, then you really need to take into account issue of bearing capacity. Because there are general construction works, and small flower beds, and gazebos, and so on.

Like flowerbeds I've seen before in squares and schools, they are neatly circled around a wall and are all designed to be planted with flowers and plants.

After masonry is complete, glazed white tiles must be glued on. Planting flowers and trees in small white flower beds can make entire landscape look more natural and clean. The walkway is tiled with blue stone and various flowers and plants are planted, which makes me feel beautiful.

The area of ​​40㎡ is not so big, it is very convenient to set up a gazebo in corner, put tables and chairs inside for relaxing or put a wooden swing, read books, drink tea, things.

I used to look at other people's villas and courtyards. Such a private garden is really enviable to decorate. It's just spring now and transplanted flowers, plants and trees are all green.

With such a small garden, even if I am not very good at growing flowers and grass, I am looking forward to making this small garden full of life and beauty.

After rain, air in a small courtyard is fresher. I thought about getting up early to get some fresh air in courtyard, and in evening after eating, go for a walk. Such a small courtyard can make life better.

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