My wife deliberately spent 5,000 yuan to install a cultural stone background wall and regretted it after work was completed.

My wife is still very preoccupied with decorating house. She also wants house to be different and likes American style, so new house is also decorated in American style. The culture stone background wall, except for living room, looks very upscale when completed, but living room is neither fish nor bird, and you will regret money spent when finished!

The look of porch is very American, including wooden partitions and porch drawers etc., all ebony. The dining table and chairs are round, very American and retro.

In this view, bathroom is on side, creating a pattern of dry and wet separation. The washbasin is moved outside bathroom, and an ebony partition is installed between it and dining room, which looks elegant and atmospheric. .

The whole buffet is made in form of Western cuisine. The whole closet is set up like a kitchen, with upper and lower cabinets, and a fridge and oven are also installed here.

Looking at living room from dining room, whole color tone is different from original American style, which is simple, but color combination is not so warm and gaudy.

This is overall effect of the living room. The TV wall is still installed as a cultural stone background wall. The color tone is neither deep nor light. This effect costs 5,000 yuan. I feel a little nondescript.

The master bedroom has access to balcony, color scheme of bedroom is quite harmonious: bed is made of solid dark wood in an American style, and walls are painted in a beige tone, warm enough.

The balcony is also equipped with a table board to create an independent and quiet office and work area, which is very practical.

The second bedroom is not big, it's a nursery, walls are all painted beige and gray, bed is a custom-made blue American bed, bedside table has been thrown out and a desk has been put in, so children can do their homework conveniently.

This is interior of kitchen. Cabinets are L-shaped cabinets. Wall and floor tiles in light grey. The whole environment looks fresh and natural.

The bathroom is completely separated from wet and dry. It is divided directly into three sections. The sink is outside and bathroom has a shower separated by glass partitions. She is clean and refreshing. This layout is very practical!

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