The whole family bought a new house by lottery, and donated 6 square meters, and turned it into a tatami room, which immediately turned from 2 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms.

Since old house was about to be demolished, whole family was looking for a new property. The property was hard to find. The houses are all bungalows, regardless of builder. The key is that every house has a free area, so whole family just ran away, I went to participate in the lottery, and eventually gave 6 sq. m. 3-room.

After entering lobby, there is a dining area and a living room.

The TV wall is very simple, just a white wall. The TV stand I bought is quite trendy. Even if you just hang TV directly on wall, it looks very expensive.

The dining table and chairs are a set of square logs. The combination of wood and dark green retro pillows is trendy and retro, and it has temperament of an internet celebrity's house.

The area of ​​the gift is only 6㎡, thus freeing up a small passage, and space more than 4㎡ inside is separated by glass sliding doors, and is made in form of a tatami with a lift table, which can be used as a tea room or a rest room. Temporary room, very convenient.

The side of restaurant is kitchen, which is also divided by glass sliding doors, these glass doors keep space transparent and provide independence of room, which is very good.

The balcony is lined with parquet tiles. A set of cabinets was specially built on balcony, a washing machine is embedded in them, and walls are finished with cultural bricks. The effect is very good.

The master bedroom has a bay window, marble countertops, a soft pillow and an alcove-shaped bookcase on wall - it's very comfortable to read a book and drink tea in such a seating area, right?

The second bedroom is made of floor, room is small, this design is also very practical, not only has a bed platform, but also a desk, as a separate room, functions are still very complete.

There is only one bathroom, and there is still a lot of space in corner. A shower is definitely not enough for installation. It remains to install only a partition to separate dry and wet. Even mirror is a mirror cabinet, which is very practical for a small family.

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