Showing off her mother-in-law's generous investment of 200,000 yuan in a newly renovated house, a simple three-bedroom house of 135 square meters, and she was attracted as soon as she walked in door.

Despite fact that wedding house is a three-bedroom apartment of 135 m2, I live with my father-in-law and mother-in-law. The mother-in-law will take care of new house from purchase to decoration, and cost of finishing is 200,000 yuan, not including furniture and household appliances, in our district, she is still very proud, with all necessary forms, and entrance is very beautiful, and attracts at first sight .

The entrance hall is square and spacious. Not only is a circular ceiling installed on upper surface, but floor is also decorated with round mosaic figures with ceramic tiles. A lot of thought has been put into this, and effect is proportional.

Looking at porch from a different angle, porch separates two halls on either side and you can still see restaurant. The dark solid wood dining table and chairs look very stylish.

This is restaurant area. Not only ceiling was installed, but also a sideboard-partition of storage type. The house is transparent from north to south. The dining and living rooms have balconies and light is very good.

The kitchen is a long space with U-shaped cabinets. White cabinets are combined with black kitchen appliances. The black and white color scheme is stylish and atmospheric.

The living room is quite spacious. Brown leather sofa by Chivas Regal. The sofa of this brand can be called a space capsule. Very comfortable and color goes very well with whole style.

The TV wall is also very simple in design, with black and white combination, only black glass and white drywall decoration, and a set of elongated black and white TV cabinets, overall fresh and elegant, simple but high quality.

The master bedroom is a suite with a bathroom and walk-in closet, as well as a large round balcony built into a tatami-like floor. As a recreation area, you only need a set of tables and chairs for relaxation.

The bedroom of mother-in-law's parents is very simple, walls are all whitewashed, and upper surface is decorated only with plaster moldings.

The study is also very simple, walls are as simple as in bedroom, with desks and chairs, and even a TV, with a bay window and a marble top, it's quite casual even if two people work together. Learning also does not affect each other. on a friend.

The additional bathroom is relatively spacious, with a drain column installed between sink and toilet as a partition. The shower area inside is also separated by a glass sliding door. The effect is very practical!

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