122㎡ three-bedroom, 80,000 yuan for a hard finish + 40,000 yuan for a soft finish, high-quality texture makes people hard to blame!

In fact, when it comes to finishing, there is no fixed price ratio between soft and hard finishes. Whether it's a light finish and a heavy finish, or minimalist style of a heavy finish and a light finish, it's all about comfort living. For example, today's 122 m² three-bedroom apartment costs 80,000 yuan for hard finishes and 40,000 yuan for soft finishes including furniture.

The entrance hall is equipped with a built-in entrance wardrobe. The wardrobe is not made of expensive massive boards, but of ordinary large core boards. There is no stool for changing shoes, a stool for rest is placed, and effect is also good.

The kitchen is equipped with glass doors, even without a door frame, just tempered glass, which is very convenient for hygiene, at least there are no dead zones for hygiene.

The cabinets in kitchen are also boldly adorned with black doors to create a simple black and white effect. The more classic color, more elegant it looks.

The builder of house himself has a central air conditioner. Although decoration is simple, cost should be included in price of house. The walls are all painted gray, without unnecessary decor, simply, simply.

To emphasize effect, a row of spotlights with a treadmill is installed on background wall of sofa. The price is not expensive, such an effect can be obtained for a few hundred dollars.

The dining area is a simple log dining table and chairs. More creative colors are dining chairs. There are two log chairs and two emerald green chairs which are very fresh.

This is overall effect of living room. The area is not very spacious. Although TV wall is undecorated, set of black wall cabinets extending from kitchen can store goods and have decorative effects that are still very good.

The three bedrooms are as simple as possible, with exception of a row of storage boxes under windows in master bedroom, everything else is really set up later.

The second bedroom is a box bed. The design of this set of cabinets costs more than 5000 yuan, which is a very expensive room. Luckily, there's no need to set up a separate bed and closet, and it's also a very affordable design.

Another iron bed is in second bedroom. Although bed is not very luxurious, it matches with this pure cotton MUJI style bedding, making this monotonous room lazy and cozy.

The last thing is bathroom. The cabinets in bathroom are same as cabinets. All of them are made with black cabinet doors. The walls are also boldly decorated with black hexagonal bricks. Glass sliding doors are installed as partitions. shower room is also independent, which is stylish and stylish Is there?

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