The hot mom set up a new 126 square meter home for her kids and used a cartoon tree as a room divider, making kids look everywhere for teddy bears and bears

My best friend got married right after graduation and is now 25 years old. The child is over 3 years old and is wearing trendy clothes. The decor is new and avant-garde, especially living room partition, which is actually made from cartoony wooden planks.

The house is relatively spacious. Although floor height is relatively limited, lighting is very good, as well as a well-chosen bright color system that children love. He is bright and generous, and also very attractive.

This is overall effect of living room. Everything is done in a cartoonish pastoral style. The TV wall is painted green and trees are used as side screens. Children watch TV while playing hide-and-seek. Boo, with love.

Not only partition of living room, but also partition between dining room and veranda is made of wood, which visually looks more natural and fresh, and very spacious.

Just looking at living room and dining room does it really feel like you're in a Japanese cartoon?

There are built-in green cupboards next to dining room that have a matte effect and look old, while glass sliding doors are installed between kitchen and room, making room look much brighter.

Best friend is now constantly taking care of kids at home, thinking every day about how to prepare all kinds of meals for kids. The kitchen is just another main base for her.

The master bedroom has a balcony, which is also a combination of white and green, fresh and elegant and looks like a cozy space.

This is second bedroom, and this is also room where children live first. The decoration of children's room is relatively fresh and elegant. It's not as innovative as other kids' rooms, but growth environment is good.

The hut is a special training room that was originally closed, but has now just been made open. Initially, this room was planned to be decorated as a nursery, walls were painted in sky blue, only a child's bed was missing, then I thought that child was still small, so I just put a desk and a bookcase. When child grows up, it will be really good. It can be changed back.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry, sinks are made of mosaic masonry, sky blue wall is painted with water-based paint, clean and refreshing, with a marine atmosphere.

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My best friend got married right after graduation and is now 25 years old. The child is over 3 years old and is wearing trendy clothes. The decor is new and avant-garde, especially living room partition, which is actually made fro...
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