The first time I spent 300,000 yuan to decorate a new house, I thought I was deceived, but all my relatives and friends said it was worth it, reassure me?

The new house I bought is a three-room apartment with an area of ​​128 square meters. It has not been repaired before, and this is first repair. It took six months to complete project. small episodes in middle, and whole process cost 300,000 yuan. At first, I thought it was quite normal that first time I was fooled by inexperienced jewelry. I didn't expect my family and friends to read this and said it was worth money Listen, doesn't that give me comfort?

The living room is quite spacious. After all, size of house is not bad. It has a beautiful false ceiling and a beautiful background wall. The screens are all white with European carvings.

The texture of beige leather sofa is very good, background wall is only painted beige, balcony is equipped with a pass, there is no sliding door, balcony is not big, and it is a waste of money to install it.

The dining room and kitchen are connected together. The dining table and chairs are fashionable. Buffets are also made to order.

The master bedroom is same as living room, very European style. The background wall is decorated with white wood paneling, covered with voluminous floral wallpaper, and matched with European-style carved bed, which is very fashionable.

From side of master bedroom, there is not only a built-in wardrobe, but also a corner wardrobe at entrance, which has value of a porch wardrobe and increases amount of storage space in house.

The mattresses in second bedroom haven't been delivered yet, and background wall is same as one in master bedroom, painted beige and grey.

The rest of room has been turned into an office, with a tatami bed and wardrobe in general.

There are two lazy seats on tatami bed, and a coffee table will be put up later, so drinking tea and playing chess is also convenient.

The bathroom is designed with a dry and wet section. The sink is directly outside bathroom, and shower area inside is also separated by a glass sliding door, which can be considered completely separated, which is best way to keep bathroom dry. . Is this effect worth 300,000 yuan?

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