My wife is so wasteful. Decorating 130 square meters costs 200,000 yuan, and buying furniture costs 300,000 yuan. I feel distressed.

I have bought a new house for several years and have not renovated it. I discussed living with my parents last October, so I renovated this house as a whole. The three bedroom room is 130 square meters, but my wife deliberately spent 200,000 yuan on decoration. , Furniture cost 300,000 yuan, and now 500,000 yuan, what a waste!

The whole house is covered with wallpaper, light golden texture is combined with a large sofa in European and American style.

The background wall of TV is decorated with marble tiles. The cutting is well done, paving in diamond shape is also very good. The floor is also made of marble with water jet mosaics. A lot of time has been spent on TV wall. money.

The entrance hall between living room and dining room is made of marble, and floor is covered with parquet, usual beige tiles create a feeling of luxury.

The design of wine sideboard cabinet is good and there are many good wines in it. The display case has a glass door and a closed cabinet at bottom, which is very impressive.

Let's take a close-up panorama of living room, effect is very atmospheric, and curtains are all draped, so they look very high when they are matched together.

In master bedroom, whole house is also covered with wallpaper. The large European-style bed and combined wardrobes are beautiful and practical. This storage space is comparable to a separate dressing room.

This is second bedroom. The second bedroom is for parents. It is covered with striped wallpaper and has a small balcony. My mom is very girly. She had liked this hanging chair for a long time and said it was comfortable to read on.

The baby's room is mostly pink and white. The children's room alone costs a lot of money. The wardrobe and desk are connected together, which is more thoughtful than many master bedrooms. The wife loves her daughter very much. a lot of.

The bathroom is equipped with a separate shower, and sink is also a finished product, although area is small, but it is also separated from wet and dry, clean and atmospheric. This effect alone cost 500,000 yuan, it really hurts!

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