A 26㎡ mini duplex with a tatami room on first floor and a platform bed on the second floor, which is quite stylish!

As housing prices get higher and higher, developers in many cities are starting to build these mini-duplexes, most of which are around 20-30 square meters. The appearance of small-sized house is very fashionable, and burden will not be too heavy. For example, today's shared mini-duplex apartment of 26 square meters is generally made in a retro Scandinavian style: there are rooms with tatami mats on first floor, a living room and a bedroom on second floor, and a floor bed is installed. Is this design trendy enough?

As a rule, kitchen in such apartments is located in entrance, and this house is no exception, there is a floor cabinet in entrance, walls are tiled with white tiles, and stairs are on other side.

Looking into room from door, washing machine is just placed under closet, stairs are solid wood, and first floor is a tatami room, with tea tables and futons, as a tea room and a chat room, friends They will love it too.

The cabinets are also made from solid wood and countertops are also made from white quartz stone combined with white I-brick. Small apartments rarely have gas installations and most of them use electricity. space.

The space that was originally meant to be a living room has been directly built into a tatami bed, with storage underneath, coffee tables and futons, and a set of stairs as shelves that are both beautiful and practical.

Here's a close-up of this tatami room. It is an open floor plan that replaces living room with sofa that should have been there. Such a reception area is also more emotional.

The space in stairwell is not wasted, although it can only accommodate one toilet, such a space is also very practical.

The space on top floor is not very large, end part is a small bathroom with a sink and shower area, and other side is a living and sleeping area.

This space is a combined living room and bedroom area. Looking at this space, it is very Scandinavian, in line with preferences of today's youth, and color scheme is relatively light and simple.

The bed in bedroom is directly equipped with a platform bed, which is very fashionable and atmospheric. Many young people really like this color scheme. It's comfortable, lazy, and very casual. ?

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As housing prices get higher and higher, developers in many cities are starting to build these mini-duplexes, most of which are around 20-30 square meters. The appearance of small-sized house is very fashionable, and burden will n...
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