When Chinese decoration meets Scandinavian style, high class sparks are born!

Hanfu is in power, and Chinese elements in various industries have also become popular, especially in home furnishing industry. The lazy and fresh Chinese style of log style is much loved after 90s and after 00s, and this is a set of 83㎡ mix and match Wind, when Chinese decor meets the Nordic style, it can also collide with upscale sparks!

The floor of porch at entrance is decorated with tiles, and log chests are placed as cabinets on porch. Simple murals also became very artistic.

A part of soft curtains hang at entrance, which makes interior of house more Chinese, with an elegant feel. After entering restaurant. The dining tables and chairs are made from logs, and even pottery on table is antique.

If you look at living room from the dining room, then it is dominated by gray, black and log tones without extra colorful colors, everything is so elegant and noble, as if you are in an ink painting.

There are no heavy colors in living room, and even ink splatter is not too thick. Directly used cream fabric sofa. The TV wall is only decorated with logs as a frame. The TV stand is designed with a bench is also very creative.

The design of balcony in living room is very creative and very Chinese. The flooring is made of logs, a wardrobe with a Duobao Pavilion is installed, and a table is placed on it. It is good to drink tea or play chess on it. There is also a special flavor in chat.

Tatami mats and booths are interconnected, this independent space can be used as a chic reception for relaxation.

How ancient is use of such a corner to pose for a photograph?

The design of bedside table in bedroom is practical and beautiful, wall panels are solid + cabinets + bedside tables, and lamps are decorated on top, which is very creative.

The decoration of children's room is actually very simple, but very practical, and functions are also very complete. Under tatami bed, there is a storage space, and on side, a table that can be opened and folded can be used as a writing desk, which can not takes up space and is very comfortable.

The design of balcony is still very inventive because there is a bathroom inside, so on outside it is directly built into shape of the sink + laundry table. Staying in such a house makes you feel as good as going on vacation every day, don't you think?

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Hanfu is in power, and Chinese elements in various industries have also become popular, especially in home furnishing industry. The lazy and fresh Chinese style of log style is much loved after 90s and after 00s, and this is a set...
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