Parents bought a hardcover house as a wedding room, and mother-in-law's house was too shabby when she saw it, so she asked for a facelift!

The conditions in family are not very good. A family of three lives in an old two-bedroom house of over 60 square meters. Speaking of marriage, mother-in-law's family asked for a new home. In order to move as quickly as possible, parents sold old house and bought it. A hardcover room of more than 120 square meters is used as a wedding room so that parents can live in it. Bought simple new furniture and called to see house. Readers will think that decoration and furniture are dilapidated. Let's make repairs, do you think it is necessary to redo it?

Entrance hall, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, dining table and chairs are all finished products, not too expensive, and all furniture and appliances cost about 1,000 yuan.

The beautiful decor is actually relatively simple and elegant, and kitchen still features a dark wood sliding door.

All hoods and stoves were brought by house itself. The blue cabinets and black marble countertops are very eye-catching.

Furniture also pays attention to practicality. This solid wood sofa set was custom made by my mom from a furniture store in area. All of them are made of solid wood and can be used at any time of year.

The TV wall was originally a large white wall, and TV cabinet was also bought in this stretchable style, which can be adjusted at any time, but size of TV seems a little small.

All bedrooms come with panel beds and ready-made wardrobes, which are not particularly expensive. A bed like this only costs over 1,500 yuan, and a mattress is only a few hundred yuan.

It's same in second bedroom: bed and wardrobe are custom-made together, which is simple and not at all pretentious.

There is also a bedroom which is vacant and I plan to go back and set up bunk bed as a guest room and it can be used as a kids room when I have kids in the future. There is only one bathroom. , and there is no dry and wet separation.

The bathroom is for squatting, whole building is like that. I always feel that this effect can be used as a wedding number and in the future it can be added slowly, do you think it needs to be modified?

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The conditions in family are not very good. A family of three lives in an old two-bedroom house of over 60 square meters. Speaking of marriage, mother-in-law's family asked for a new home. In order to move as quickly as possible, ...
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