Visit 98 m2 European-style model room, which is stylish, beautiful and atmospheric, but lacks a homely feel.

The third phase of community has opened and several model rooms have been remodeled. I had nothing to do last week, so I went to visit 98㎡ model room with two bedrooms. The decoration is simple and beautiful, stylish and beautiful. Very atmospheric and high quality, but it feels like it lacks a homely atmosphere. What do you think of it after posting?

The entrance design is very simple. The background wall is wallpapered and a white wood wire frame is installed. An observation deck that combines marble and iron has been installed, and a painting hangs on it, which is very stylish.

The dining room and living room are on both sides of entrance, and floor is decorated with wavy wires. In general, decoration is in light colors. There are photographs, wall is not plain.

This is overall effect of living room. Since this is a typical room, it is equipped with central air conditioning. The TV wall is also decorated with wallpaper and wood veneer panels.

If you look at living room from a different angle, there is a glass sliding door between living room and balcony. The lighting is good and room looks very bright.

This is overall effect of dining room. The dining room is connected to kitchen. The sideboard is designed to be built in, matching depth of dining table and chairs. The ceiling is same as in living room. , simple and elegant.

The type of house is not bad. Although this is a typical room, layout is same as in current building. The north and south are transparent, and living and dining rooms have balconies.

The background wall of master bedroom is also covered with American pattern wallpaper, color is more elegant, bay window is also kept, and marble countertop is installed. The structure of model number should not touch bay window, and I don't know if it can be installed with tatami if I buy it in future.

All walls in second bedroom are painted sky blue. This is also an American style bed. Everything is fresher and more elegant. Elderly people can live in it, and it can also be used as a bedroom. children's room.

The bathroom is not a wet/dry structure, but shower room is also equipped with a glass partition, which can be seen as a dry/wet separation scheme. which is more practical. How do you think?

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