40,000 and a half packed 116㎡ small three-room, simple and elegant, entrance hall design is most satisfying!

After years of accumulation, I bought this 116 square meter three-bedroom small house in Jinnan District, Tianjin City. The house is small but enough for a family of three. The bag is worth money. 40,000 yuan, a lot of money, but I'm a little tired, effect is simple and elegant, porch cabinet design is most pleasant, let me show you!

The floor of porch is equipped with wave wire, which is simple and beautiful. On opposite side of door is a built-in porch shoe cabinet. These are upper and lower shoe cabinets, middle and lower ones remain empty, you can store things in them, and you can put shoes on bottom, which is practical and beautiful.

The living room is not very spacious, all walls are painted white, floor is same as at entrance, and surrounding area is surrounded by waves and wires. A simple effect combined with atmospheric furniture looks very elegant.

This is overall effect of living room. The background wall of sofa consists of a floor and a wall. The symmetrical shape on both sides is also very unique. The TV wall is only finished with drywall, and frame is made of logs, lines are simple and uncomplicated, with a slightly more elegant look.

The kitchen is not very spacious. It is equipped with L-shaped overall cabinets. The floor and wall cabinets are also different. The wall cabinets are white, and the lower cabinets have doors with veneered panels. It is fashionable to create shades of matching colors.

Even though there are three rooms in house, there is still not enough space, after all, there is a square here. The study is equipped with bookcases from two sides to very top, desk cabinet has not yet been moved, and on other side there are only bean bags, which is relaxing and provides comfort.

The background wall of master bedroom is not much different from living room, but main background is a log wall on floor, and light strips are installed under symmetrical background walls on both sides. it's very good. This color scheme has a warm breath feeling.

The bedside table is also unique, it is not a popular wardrobe, but a small round table, fashionable and individual.

The background wall of children's room is a blue sailboat wallpaper combined with a bright yellow upholstered children's bed, warm and comfortable, but at same time very playful and lively, very suitable for children.

There is only one bathroom, but it is divided into wet and dry, shower area is separated by a glass sliding door, and mirror is installed as a mirror cabinet, which can also store things, which can be seen as a good use of space!

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