The 55-meter Japanese-style school house was completely renovated, all walls were replaced with wooden ones, and parents immediately exploded in sun!

I spent over $3 million to purchase this 55-square-meter school district in order for children to qualify as Key Elementary School students. The house was dilapidated when I bought it. Especially bathroom and kitchen are still preserved. cement walls and floors. For entire design renovation, designer suggested removing all walls that can be dismantled and decorating everything with wooden elements, especially design of children's room. I really like it. I posted finished version to parent group. everyone came to ask for sacred scriptures.

From main entrance, you can see that there are many wooden entrances, partitions, cabinets, windows, etc., and floor is covered with self-leveling tiles, which still have a strong Japanese mood.

The kitchen has also been made semi-open, and space in house is relatively limited, so dining room and kitchen are combined into one. The built-in U-shaped white cabinets are fresh and beautiful, and storage is not a problem.

The dining table is hidden under nightstand, and when inserted, it is not visible. It does not take up much space, and when open it is a dining table. The kitchen-dining area is located between two bedrooms and a wooden interior window is used for air convection and lighting.

Looking from children's room through kitchen into opposite master bedroom, space is really visible at a glance, it is very transparent and bright, and most of decorations, cabinets and partitions are made of wood.

This is master bedroom. An alcove-style wardrobe set is installed on outside of door, and an interior window opens on other side to let in light from bedroom balcony, making entry look much brighter. .

The balcony is also not idle. Such a case of using space under windowsill for a bookcase I have already seen before. Didn't expect it to be used in my own home. It's really literary and convenient.

The entire children's room is made in form of a tatami room. Even bed and wardrobes are designed separately. The small room has full wall cabinets, tables and chairs on one side, and a ladder to enter and exit bed on one side. Outside activity space, it is a mini playground, small 6 square meters, and space is also taken to extreme. Which child don't like this room?

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