The new 93㎡ house has just been furnished, and most beautiful of them is actually a small bar with a wine cabinet bought for 200 yuan!

I'm still very busy at work. I bought a three-room apartment with an area of ​​93㎡. Finishing all included directly in finishing company. All materials are selected by finishing company. Early finishing plus some later fixtures It took 2 months to install plumbing and doors. Right after furniture was set up, a friend came to visit and said that most beautiful bar in our house is a small bar wine cabinet It's interesting to listen It's an online flower I bought it for 200 yuan!

There is nothing special about hard finish. Mostly walls and floors. The basic finishing of ceiling is done. Ready living room, dining room and hallway. There is no shoe cabinet. These cabinets are all ready. products bought later.

Many home furnishings are purchased online and delivered directly to your home. This dining table and chair set is very good, style and effect are very beautiful, and price is not very high.

This is general effect of restaurant. The area is not too spacious, and kitchen is also separated by glass sliding doors. It is still very bright during day, and light from kitchen can enter the restaurant.

The entrance inside is living room. To side of living room is a small emotional bar. Beneath it are wine cabinets. On other side of tabletop is a stainless steel column as a table leg. The effect is simple and generous. It is said to look very good and was bought online for 200 yuan.

The sofa in living room is no exception. It is estimated that many friends can see same style. Yes, these are online stores. The price is moderate and color is very trendy and retro.

The TV wall is also a simple form of plasterboard. The TV has not arrived yet, it will be installed in two days.

The master bedroom is still very spacious with a private balcony. The wardrobe is also a ready made wardrobe and bed has not yet arrived. The balcony has been converted into a living balcony where laundry and drying is done.

For more practicality, second bedroom is an oversized custom-made tatami mat. The bed and wardrobe are included, writing desk is also made in same individual style. The children will sleep comfortably and do their homework in future. The key storage is really powerful.

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I'm still very busy at work. I bought a three-room apartment with an area of ​​93㎡. Finishing all included directly in finishing company. All materials are selected by finishing company. Early finishing plus some later fixtures It...
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