The 136-meter three-bedroom home also claims to be a luxury home, and bathroom consists of high and low double bathroom cabinets.

The area of ​​the new house is still quite spacious, a three-room house of 136 square meters is more than enough for a four-room house, according to my husband. The layout has not changed during finishing. The living room not only has good lighting, but also has an area of ​​30 square meters. It looks like a real luxury home. Most of all I like decoration of bathroom. built double cabinets for bathroom. Whoever sees this effect is commendable!

This is a large living room. The whole room is equipped with central air conditioning. The sofa with a solid wood base looks very high quality and lighting is very good. This is a 30 square meter sunny house, which makes it more spacious.

The design of TV wall is also thought out to smallest detail. There are hanging cabinets at top as showcases, floor cabinets at bottom as TV cabinets, top and bottom cabinets on side, and a space in middle that is suitable for an aquarium. This design is really amazing. .

If you look at restaurant area from living room, entrance is directly opposite sofa. In order not to violate Feng Shui, a partition screen was installed on porch to store shoes, and appearance became much better.

Looking at whole living room from the entrance side, it is really spacious and grand, with large floor to ceiling windows and a very good view.

A sliding door is used as a partition between dining room and kitchen, background wall is finished with white cultural bricks.

The master bedroom also has a separate small entrance, which is directly built into a small dressing room.In order to improve lighting, internal false windows are installed for ventilation and ventilation, and can also store items, which has a strong decorative effect.

I took a separate room and built it into tatami. There are storage spaces under floor. I also installed built-in wardrobes and flat door cabinets. It can be used as a rest room or an office in the living room. future.

This is a children's room. All wardrobes are built in and no bay windows are missing. They are built directly into bookcases as floor cabinets, which are simple and elegant.

Despite fact that house has three rooms, there is only one bathroom. For convenience and practicality of children, we directly built double bathroom cabinets of different heights, divided into wet and dry, and installed an independent shower room. , get up early and don't worry about running out of room for laundry. This design is worth learning from many families. Is it very helpful for you?

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