250,000 for finishing 95m² American style ski jump and direct independent exploration under stairs, which is too practical.

The old man is old and in need of care, and he is not suitable for living alone, so he simply bought a two-level house with a sufficient area of ​​95 square meters. The decoration style is suitable for American style for all ages. A total of 250,000 yuan was spent on decoration. The elderly are mostly are active on ground floor, and master bedroom is designed on second floor so as not to interfere with each other. Especially space under the stairs directly turns into an independent study room, which is very practical!

The floor height of a duplex house is much higher than that of a duplex house. Central air conditioners are installed everywhere, and air in house is much better. The walls of living room are painted in warm colors, with a reddish-brown leather sofa, the atmosphere is bright and light.

A balcony is open in living room, a warehouse-type bar counter is installed, with a sofa for relaxing and matching curtains, very comfortable and atmospheric.

If you look at dining area from living room, then in general space is quite spacious and bright. Pianos are placed next to TV wall, and sometimes you can turn on a piece of music. There is an artistic atmosphere here.

The dining table and chairs are relatively simple, but ceiling is more powerful. It is directly transformed into a regular-shaped atmospheric beam ceiling, and an iron chandelier is installed, which looks retro and atmospheric.

The dining room and kitchen are separated by a sliding door with a white frame. The cabinets inside are also white one-piece cabinets. A staircase leads from this side, which is a separate office.

The office is small, but space is used to maximum: full-length bookcases, tables and chairs against wall, a pull-out sofa by window, relaxing and comfortable, creating a calm study and office environment.

The space on second floor from stairs is also created as an activity area where sofas can be arranged and people can sit and chat. The walls are painted with school paint and children can write and draw here at their convenience. are learning.

The master bedroom is on second floor. This is an American style effect. The background wall is painted coffee and has a projector installed so you can watch blockbusters in bedroom.

The second bedroom is downstairs. This is old man's room. It is fresh and simple, and combination of light blue and white is also very bright.

The children's room is downstairs, and ceiling looks a lot like a princess. It is directly installed with a pink ceiling. There is no bay window, and bay window effect is specially created. On both sides there are lockers that have a powerful storage capacity.

There is also a small room upstairs, which is designed as a space for relaxation, children can use it as a play area, there are also exercise equipment, and many functional areas.

There is a terrace on top floor and the space is still very large. It is sealed and built into a separate house. The laundry room, small patio and dryer are all there, especially when it rains. Sounds like a perfect home!

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