After spending 20,000 yuan to renovate an 89㎡ hardcover room, old-fashioned decoration, floor replacement, and wall painting instantly became so first-class!

I bought this 89m2 hardcover room first to avoid trouble. When I received it, I understood why hardcover room is not so popular. The decor is same and it's really old fashioned. Very deep. It cost 20,000 yuan to repair, completely replaced floor on first floor, and also painted bedroom with colored latex paint, money was well spent, and furniture instantly became so elite!

Compared to many hardcover rooms, effect of this hardcover room set is still acceptable. For example, ceiling and cabinets are very good, but floor color is darker and bedroom walls are all white, too monotonous.

The floor at that time was still dark plinth, although combination of shades is very American, after replacing floor, plinth was also replaced with white, which just suited walls and cabinets.

The decoration of living room is also very simple: chandelier was replaced, simple decorative paintings were installed, gray curtains were replaced, and beige fabric sofa looked very cozy.

This is overall effect of living room. The TV wall and background wall are decorated with wooden lines.

The original design of built-in corner cabinets installed in kitchen is really good, tiles on wall are also very unique, and hoods and stoves are all major brands, which is a good standard configuration.

In bedroom, only walls have been processed, a closet has long been installed. The effect of binding is satisfactory, but large white wall looks too monotonous and old-fashioned. Changing colors will improve your mood.

The second bedroom is same as master bedroom, with a small area, wall is a built-in wardrobe, and background wall is painted in light blue, which immediately becomes fresh and gives a feeling of elegance and comfort.

The smallest room is office. The office itself is decorated with tatami, but floor has been changed. At first this is my favorite option because this type of tatami is still quite popular.

There is only one bathroom, which is designed as a three-stage separation of dry and wet water. The washbasin is located outside bathroom, and shower area inside is also separated. Plumbing is also a big local brand. Compared to other neighbors, the key point is that it looks much more advanced!

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I bought this 89m2 hardcover room first to avoid trouble. When I received it, I understood why hardcover room is not so popular. The decor is same and it's really old fashioned. Very deep. It cost 20,000 yuan to repair, completely...
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