122 m2 squeezed into a four-room apartment, a small study of only 5 m2, spacious and bright, good art!

When I got my new home, it was a 122 m² three-bedroom apartment. The house actually looked quite spacious, but as my father-in-law lived alone in his hometown and was getting old, he was worried about life. for a long time, so I was stunned when I was finishing. Squeezing into four-room apartment, balcony space of the second bedroom is directly separated, and a small office is built on an area of ​​​​about 5 square meters. It is spacious and bright, and very literary and artistic. Show off your graduation photos!

The entrance hall is a relatively spacious passageway. There is space for cabinets on wall. The entire wall is simply built into closet, leaving room for windows. The floor is also decorated with antique tiles. Beautiful and stylish.

After entering hallway, there is a kitchen-dining room. The dining room is designed against wall and built into cubicle. The cubicle is connected to a cabinet on wall. It is used as a multifunctional buffet.

The lighting in the living room is good. The balcony is also divided by glass sliding doors. The TV wall is also decorated with white wall panels. The whole space is spacious and bright.

The kitchen and small balcony also open up to fit built-in wardrobes. It is most advisable to create an L-shaped built-in wardrobe in a long space. The walls are paved with coffee-colored gray tiles. I-shaped small bricks are now very common. Fashion art.

The master bedroom is largest of four bedrooms. The walls are painted in light gray, but it still has an elegant and upscale look. A bit of retro American style.

The children's room is not big and whole room is painted light pink. The bed is also a folding bed with a card seat and there are storage drawers at bottom. The bedside table is a closet to top, and a desk and a bookcase ready too. The room is small but the function is very complete.

The area of ​​the second bedroom itself is not too small, during repair part was directly reduced, and balcony was separated and entered from aisle on other side, it can be regarded as an independent study room, and remaining place for father-in-law to live in it. It still fits well.

The separate space is separated from passage by a door, and background wall is also painted in color of blackboard. This is mainly due to fact that in this age of Internet, a separate study room is still necessary, so a table-style hanging cabinet is designed by window. To provide brightness, you can also look at landscape to relax when you use your eyes too much.

There is only one bathroom, so it is necessary to separate wet and dry. After all, size of family is still a little large. It is very convenient to get up early without delaying use of two spaces. !

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