A simple style of 85 square meters wife suit actually cost 180,000 yuan, there is no TV wall, and even relatives are complaining.

My wife usually takes care of family business and finishing is not a problem. I heard that I found a refurbishment company with a good reputation. The price, of course, is a little higher. Small house 85㎡ "The decoration in a simple style actually cost 180,000 yuan. Central air conditioning is paid separately, but there is no TV wall. Even relatives can't help but complain about this effect.

The hallway has simple upper and lower cabinets, there is storage space in the middle and downstairs for things and slippers, but this cabinet doesn't look that pretty.

Not to mention TV wall, it's just a big white wall. It was originally said that TV would hang directly on wall, but later I remembered that I bought this set of fixed projection screens to replace TV and installed a projector. The size of TV is approaching 100 inches. Cool!

The sofa wall in living room has no shape, and photo wall is used directly as an accessory, if it is not too monotonous, it will be too empty.

The kitchen and dining room are combined, so design of this area is quite satisfactory. The kitchen was made semi-open, with a separate dining room, and an emotional bar counter was designed between kitchen and aisle.

The dining area consists of a dining table and chairs made of solid wood, and stools are made in popular Scandinavian style.

The design of master bedroom is as simple as living room: walls are painted in gray tones, and bay window is beaten out.

The second bedroom is same as master bedroom. Two and a half plate-shaped shelves are installed on wall, and photographs or decorations are placed on wall. The effect is quite three-dimensional.

The tiles in bathroom are same as those in kitchen. The floor is adorned with small retro-style tiles to create a dry-wet separation pattern. The whole house is estimated to be suitable for kitchen and bathroom.

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My wife usually takes care of family business and finishing is not a problem. I heard that I found a refurbishment company with a good reputation. The price, of course, is a little higher. Small house 85㎡ "The decoration in a simp...
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