96m two-bedroom pastoral house recently replaced by my cousin, a small office separated by a wall in the living room, so spacious.

My cousin has moved to a new house. This time it's a 96 square meter two-bedroom home, more than double size of original home. A tatami-style open cabinet appeared. looks so spacious. I'm really jealous. Let's show it to everyone!

The entrance hall is relatively spacious. The original type of apartment is a large living room. The entrance hall is made of three built-in wardrobes that do not take up space. A shoe cabinet and a display cabinet are enough.

The living room is not small, floor is covered with antique tiles, walls are painted light yellow, and background wall of sofa is made of arched blue wall, and then a photo wall is installed. The whole living room looks fresh and elegant. Completely rustic casual style.

A half wall was built on far right corner of living room and then built into a small platform to form an open little study room, which is very practical.

This is overall cabinet effect. Actually, space is not very big. Brick walls and a small bay window provide space for relaxation and study. The ground has also been turned into a platform. If guests are staying overnight, guest bedroom is covered with linens.

The restaurant and kitchen are relatively small, with rustic dining tables and chairs, and back wall of restaurant is shaped like a fireplace, which is quite warm.

The kitchen is equipped with glass sliding doors to make it open as there are no windows, lighting is not very good and the space is not small.

The master bedroom is nicer. After all, all girls have a girly heart, and my cousin was also born in 90s, so it's no surprise that master bedroom has a pink hue. This color scheme is fresh and comfortable, and it is very comfortable to look at.

The second bedroom is relatively small. After changing pink and gentle temperament of main bedroom, it is repainted in fresh green tones. The children also love it. The large bay window with an installation table is a leisure table, and overall a relatively refreshing pastoral atmosphere.

The donated balcony is relatively large, spanning two bedrooms, with a lounge table on one side and a laundry and dryer on other. Just 10 square meters is enough for people to envy.

The bathroom is divided into three sections, washbasin is designed right in aisle, and shower area inside is also separated by a glass sliding door, there is no time to grab toilet when you get up early. mosaic decoration is not bad. It is beautiful and I will decorate it like this when I have a new house in future!

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My cousin has moved to a new house. This time it's a 96 square meter two-bedroom home, more than double size of original home. A tatami-style open cabinet appeared. looks so spacious. I'm really jealous. Let's show it to everyone!...
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