My wife is building a half wall in living room with a TV wall and an office. She has a beautiful personality and is very witty.

The new home is a large 132m2 three bedroom home and second bathroom is a combination dressing room and dry and wet compartment, which is very spacious. Three generations live under same roof, general layout does not want to change, and office is still missing. The designer reduced living room and built a half-wall in living room. unique and beautiful, and a beautiful open cabinet is separated. I can't help it. Live to show effect of just finished.

The entrance hall is equipped with built-in upper and lower shoe racks, and a super-large full-length mirror hangs on right wall.

The dining room is on left after leaving hallway, which is connected to living room. The solid wood dining table and chairs, as well as sideboard drawer, are also finished products. Not only a buffet, but also a visual partition between living room and dining room. The background wall is covered with wallpaper with an American pattern., very atmospheric.

When looking at living room from dining room, it is same as fresh air system, and there is almost no ceiling. The sofa is specially selected in British style, with American elegance and British leisurely, and overall atmosphere is spacious.

A single brick wall is built in middle of living room, surrounded by white wood cabinets or wood frames, and large floor-to-ceiling windows let in natural light. The effect is really relaxed and comfortable American style. .

The space behind TV wall originally belonged to restaurant area. After moving restaurant towards entrance, it is an open office with good lighting and a row of bookcases in back. treadmill, study work and exercise are not wrong.

The kitchen is relatively square, but it's a pity that dark kitchen has no windows, and built-in U-shaped white cabinets. It goes without saying that there is plenty of storage space in kitchen. The colors are all light and white light source also has a daylight effect.

The main bathroom is relatively small. Shower and bath are integrated. On walls and on floor - light yellow American-style antique tiles. I like design of toilet most. This is a hidden water tank that looks very advanced.

The washbasin and wardrobe of second bathroom are combined, washbasin is made roomy, there is storage space under it, and behind it there are a number of cabinets, which are quite enough.

When population is large, storage space is very important. An additional bathroom is located inside, and glass sliding doors are installed to separate dry and wet. The dressing room design in this bathroom may or may not be approved, some of which can be called a waste of space, and some can be called very practical. What do you think?

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The new home is a large 132m2 three bedroom home and second bathroom is a combination dressing room and dry and wet compartment, which is very spacious. Three generations live under same roof, general layout does not want to chang...
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