92㎡Small Nordic small three-bedroom apartment like this one! Easy life for three generations of family!

The 92㎡ small three-room apartment is overall decorated in a fresh and elegant Scandinavian style. Yes, if you also have a small house, whether it is a one-room, two-room or same compact small three-room, do not miss it!

The total space of house itself is not large: entrance hall, kitchen and dining room almost all occupy an area of ​​​​only about 12 square meters. The entrance passage is narrow, and shoe cabinet is built from a position parallel to restaurant, which does not affect convenience of entering premises.

The wooden dining table and chairs are in trendy Windsor style, and sideboards are built in, making overall look very neat and clean.

Basically, interior of kitchen is made in black, white and gray colors. Gray wall and floor tiles are combined in shades. White cabinets are used in center and black fittings are also installed.

A wooden partition is specially installed between entrance hall and living room, thanks to which entire space can be combined and separated from each other, creating a harmonious and warm living room space.

Glass sliding doors are installed on living room balcony, and sunlight from outside can freely enter the living room. Gray walls, a gray sofa, a wooden coffee table and a log TV cabinet create a comfortable atmosphere. and a high class feel.

The master bedroom has a large bay window and walls are painted same blue-gray tone as living room, with a matching gray bed and high-quality gray linens. Probably dream of many young people. This is a B&B style viewing room.

The second bedroom is somewhat different from whole space. She has a simple and beautiful temperament. Parents love solid wood beds. The bay window is also made in form of a desk. Gingerbread curtains are very beautiful. The entire bedroom is warm and at ease. .

The children's room is decorated in a one-piece tatami style, with a one-piece desk, bookcase, bed and wardrobe. The small room also has a super capacity. This is probably most popular study or children's room design at moment.

There is only one bathroom in house. Since family consists of three generations, it is important to separate dry and wet water. If possible, it is better to make a three-step separation. A glass sliding door is installed, rain zone is isolated separately, white tiles on walls with a geometric pattern and tiles on floor, smart toilet can be said to be a must-have in family now, and much more convenient If possible, it is recommended to install one, clean and hygienic!

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The 92㎡ small three-room apartment is overall decorated in a fresh and elegant Scandinavian style. Yes, if you also have a small house, whether it is a one-room, two-room or same compact small three-room, do not miss it! The tota...
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