What to do if house type is faulty? See how designer remodeled a beautiful 88 square meter home?

When houses are in short supply in big cities, if you just want to live, it is quite normal to buy an apartment with a defect. Some upholstered furniture can be avoided, but this is not once and for all. depends on designer's ability to make hard changes directly. Let's see how this wonderful apartment of 88 square meters has been transformed!

It must be a process to roll over. First, I will send you a before and after layout comparison. From here you can see three major changes: 1. The front door faces directly into master bedroom door; 2. The door of second bedroom faces bathroom door 3. The layout of hallway is too small. Looking at rear layout changes, everything is decided, space is maximized, and locker is squeezed out.

This is entrance. As you can see on floor plan, this place is a triangular area and whole thing has been converted into a super capacity triangular pantry.

To avoid bedroom door opening onto bathroom, dining table and chairs are slanted in middle against wall to make most of space. The entire restaurant area is also very independent.

From dining room to living room with a light gray fabric sofa for two and a round colorful coffee table. It has a lively Scandinavian atmosphere, it attracts attention and carries notes of cheerfulness.

This is general effect of living room, and balcony is also directly connected. It is very nice to expand area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe living room, put a piano and a deck chair, play a song in spare time, or read a book on a deck chair.

The color scheme of main bedroom and living room is similar. White wardrobes, linens and a gray bed create a homely atmosphere, very warm and cozy, just like at home.

The second bedroom has a small area, but it is not so easy to plan: just build a tatami and put a table next to window, lighting is good, often used as a study.

The kitchen is equipped with log-colored cabinets. The overall color is mostly gray and white, simple and elegant, looks very refreshing.

Wall and floor tiles in bathroom are all of same marble tiles, and even washbasin is made of same kind of marble. This type of hanging type is not afraid of water or tide and is durable. If you like it, you can learn from it~

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