The wall with TV in new house looks more and more awkward. Please help me find out if I am too harsh or there is a problem?

It took three months to install new 96 sq.m house. The TV wall is made of drywall. The designer specially made this height. The teacher said that everything would be fine after soft finishing. Now that upholstery is done and furniture is arranged, I always purposefully look at TV wall, but more I look at it, more awkward it becomes. Please help me check height. Am I being too harsh?

I love American style in overall decor. The living room is small. The beige fabric sofa and light milk tea wall make it warm and elegant, giving it a warm home feel.

A unique photograph hangs on back wall of sofa. There is not only a beige fabric sofa, but also an American-style single sofa with English letters, which is very personal and effective. also good.

This is a TV wall in living room. The wall is made of drywall, which has a retro feel. The top is trimmed with plaster lines, but how absurd is such a height? How do you think?

If you look at it from a different angle, then height of arched door next to it is different, and it is higher than height of dado, do you think it would be better to fill it up?

Wall and floor tiles in kitchen are made of light retro bricks, combined with common solid wood cabinetry, for an American retro effect.

The master bedroom walls are all painted blue, I thought American furniture wouldn't work on those walls, but it looks pretty nice, fresh and peaceful. The bay window broke desk, light is good and space is used, much more convenient!

The second bedroom is for children, it also has a bay window, overall color scheme is more lively, also in a retro style, and effect is not bad.

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and washbasin is designed separately in aisle. He originally had such a wall, but it was directly smashed and installed with glass blocks. Light is much more transparent. The brick bathroom stand is solid, as is the cabinet. The same can't be said for solid wood cabinet doors, which are durable and look good!

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It took three months to install new 96 sq.m house. The TV wall is made of drywall. The designer specially made this height. The teacher said that everything would be fine after soft finishing. Now that upholstery is done and furni...
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