After reading hundreds of cases, I started decorating a new house, it's so beautiful to create an American mix and choose a new house!

I want to capture emergence of a new house slowly turning from empty into a house, and I also want to have my own power in shaping house. After reading hundreds of cases, I determined to find a finishing company to make a half package. I worked a lot from these cases and worked on it myself for three months. The small house of 80 square meters was the house that I was looking forward to. Satisfied) how do you like it?

This is entire hallway, kitchen, dining room and living room as you walk in. The latex paint on walls is completely light grey. The white color looks too harsh in this style, but the effect is really good.

To left of door is an open-plan kitchen with black cabinetry and white tiled walls, a typical black and white color scheme. A simple carbon wood bar counter sits at edge of the aisle, with a baffle set as a bar shelf. The console comes in very handy.

The dining room is located on right side of entrance. There is no separate buffet, and groove just fits into refrigerator. For a world of two, this bar-style dining table and chairs are romantic and sentimental. And most importantly, don't take up too much space.

Customized blue fabric sofas, a double bed set, a single bed set and a separate footstool, whole living room space looks casual and atmospheric, just comfort I need.

Don't be surprised, TV wall isn't red brick, it's cultural brick wallpaper, doesn't it have a raw fashion sense? Just right, it will fit a black TV stand, which is very cool.

The bed in master bedroom is same blue as sofa, and the closet is purposely made in iron gray, which is very textured and stain resistant, but I still want to go with black. In fact, it might look better if it's black.

The second bedroom is designed as a guest bedroom. Now, when there are no guests or children, this room is used as an office. When children appear in future, this room will become directly a nursery.


I bought this house in beginning because of this balcony that has a wide view. On one side is laundry room and on other side is lounge bar. Drinking tea and chatting, reading books and surfing Internet are all very pleasant things.

The bathroom is relatively small, and there is no separation between dry and wet. In future I plan to draw a shower curtain. The size is smaller, but should also have a separation effect. See slipper hanger on wall? I saw a foreign user at home. I looked and found that there is such a shelf. I decided to buy it. It's much more convenient to put slippers in bathroom.

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I want to capture emergence of a new house slowly turning from empty into a house, and I also want to have my own power in shaping house. After reading hundreds of cases, I determined to find a finishing company to make a half pac...
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