159㎡ Vigorous Nordic, hexagon floor tiles on entrance wall are amazing!

It is said that Scandinavian style of small apartment is fresh and spacious, and house is spacious, so what about this 159㎡ four-bedroom apartment, does it go straight to large Scandinavian-style mansion? Looking at facts, this cabinet is made in black, white and gray Scandinavian style with a unique geometric pattern that fills this home with vitality. Show everyone!

This is input input. The floor is black, white and gray hexagonal bricks. Opposite entrance is a gray dressing room. On right wall, hex bricks are placed directly on the wall.

There is a shoe cabinet on left. Not only does it have hanging drawers, but also a storage table in middle, a hanging closet on top, and a convenient place to store shoes at bottom, which is very practical.

The dining room is quite spacious, piano is placed on wall behind shoe cabinet, aisle in middle is very spacious, a simple dining table and chairs, occasionally a blue geometric pattern on a gray wall, overall looks very sentimental.

From this angle, background wall of sofa is clearer. Only latex paint is used on wall to create geometric patterns and colors. Although a large number of blacks, whites and grays are used, overall look is filled with youthful vitality.

The TV walls are completely grey, with no other great decorations, and indoor ceiling is not done, but it remains at same level as central air-conditioning walls, and effect is majestic and elegant.

The kitchen is done in gray and white, with white tiles on walls and gray floor cabinets. To maintain color scheme, hanging cabinets and range hood are completely white. The color is fresh and overall look is simple and elegant. .

The master bedroom is relatively spacious, with a separate TV cabinet and large closet, with a floor-to-ceiling corner window and a lounge chair with a wide view. This is a very casual and elegant place.

The study room is filled with white bookcases and custom white desks. There is also a sofa in back for relaxing. The rhythm is very fast. The study room probably needs this calm and cozy atmosphere.

The guest bathroom is separated from wet and dry, washbasin is installed directly outside, bathroom is separated by a glass partition, overall feeling is very simple and refreshing, and bathroom looks simple and practical.

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