Why do Japanese toilet lids burn? not only because it's cheap

Toilet lids have been popular in Japan for a long time. Even now, many consumers go to Japan to buy toilet lids. We all know that toilet seats in Japan are very hot, so why? Just because price is cheap? Now, many domestic smart toilet lids are not expensive! In fact, not only because of low price, but also because of Japanese bathroom layout, division into four styles is very suitable for current families.

This is a scene of buying a toilet at a festival in Japan posted online. People who don't know about it think it's a free gift!

The function of Japanese toilet is more practical: toilet seat automatically heats up, you can go out with warm water to wash your buttocks, and there is warm air to help dry it after washing. going to toilet is a very pleasant experience.

In fact, there are some very expensive toilet lids in China. The price of ordinary smart toilet lids is acceptable, but price with such complete functions is very high, especially for many Chinese people who admire foreign products. Now home toilets are cheap and functional Smart toilets are becoming more and more, and this kind of smart toilet is becoming more and more popular.

Most domestic designers started to study layout of Japanese toilets from toilet rush scene in Japan and found that all Japanese toilets are divided into four styles. What is division into four styles? That is, toilet, washbasin, shower and laundry are separated, so even if there are a lot of people in family, one bathroom is enough, because it can better coordinate time, washing, going to toilet, and you can take a bath all at same time Well, why do we need two bathrooms ?

Sometimes I have to admire design of their bathroom products. In China, people still buy all kinds of basins and buckets for bathing babies. The bathroom is saved.

It is not only division of bathroom into four styles, but also some humanized designs that have also been introduced into home bathrooms, especially in northern cities, such as this heated towel rack. Everyone knows that wet towels easily absorb moisture. in air, bacteria are very impure when they are used for second time, and it can solve this problem very well, especially for dark guard blocks with no windows.

All mirrors installed in shower are anti-fog, so even if there is a lot of water vapor in shower, mirror is not afraid of a layer of fog in winter, and it must be cleaned every time to use it.

If you say that Japanese first take a shower and then take a bath, are you saying it's a waste of water? In fact, after showering she is already very clean, and then take a bath to soothe body and mind. After soaking and then cover it, water will not be dirty and can be reused. Some families even use it for whole family, and this water can also be used to wash clothes. Wash your hair once, it saves water and is environmentally friendly.

Of course, we are not talking about blind worship and purchase. With development of technology, our domestic technology is becoming more and more perfect, even better than Japanese products. Good things can be accepted or even improved upon. There are new ones in 2018. When we decorate our homes, almost every home uses home smart toilets, right?

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