New house 95㎡ costs 60,000 yuan for a simple package with labor and materials. Relatives do not believe after reading this. What do you think?

Building area of ​​the new house is 95㎡. This is a small apartment with three bedrooms. It is relatively compact. Almost entire house is painted white. The only design feature - hood in kitchen moved to balcony. It cost 60,000 yuan for such a simple decoration and an all-inclusive package. I am quite satisfied, but my relatives do not believe after reading this, as if I took advantage of it? Is this price very cheap?

Upper and lower shoe racks in entrance, and antique tiles on floor, beautiful and cheap. It is more practical to lay tiles in entrance and at exit from entrance.

There is no stretch ceiling in living room, everything is painted white, TV wall is lined with plaster wire frames, and whole space is done in light colors, which makes it spacious and majestic.

The wall of sofa is decorated with two hanging paintings, simple and elegant, and beige leather sofa is also very stylish.

Simple style dining table and chairs, more powerful custom sideboard not to be so dirty and dustproof, so doors are installed and tabletop is left in middle for display and storage, too neat and tidy.

The kitchen was originally open plan with a balcony. A small apartment is also afraid of oily fumes, so hood was moved to balcony. The original kitchen was equipped with a refrigerator and cabinets like a western style kitchen. Still very convenient.

There isn't much space in three bedrooms. The master bedroom has a small corner window that is still a bay window and walls are painted white. Despite fact that window is small, lighting is still bright.

The second bedroom is for parents, with a white bed and a white wardrobe. Elderly people like to be neat, but also afraid they won't get used to living here from their hometown. Bedding and accessories are all chosen by the two of them.

The children's room is even smaller, just a long space. The bed is one meter long, and wardrobe and bookcase are opposite each other. It's more convenient to do homework and so on.

The population is large, so bathroom is separated from wet and dry.The shower room has glass sliding doors.Most of all I like background mosaic wall behind toilet.Although cost of this partition is not high, effect is very beautiful.Do you think 6 Van is also cheaper?

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Building area of ​​the new house is 95㎡. This is a small apartment with three bedrooms. It is relatively compact. Almost entire house is painted white. The only design feature - hood in kitchen moved to balcony. It cost 60,000 yua...
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