Storage type decoration 98㎡ is completed, and real scene, if you can learn half, you will become a teacher!

After reading design of this 98 sq. m I realized that warehouse type finish is not crowded. Although many of cabinets have been custom made, color scheme is simple and elegant, and every inch of space is used to maximum. The main thing is that it is not at all cluttered, but very spacious. Ho Liang, if you want to know how to do it just look up!

The shoe and hat cabinet in hallway and wine cabinet are combined into one. To right of passage at entrance is a small closet with hooks. Are you jealous?

Close all cabinets and it will look like a coffee table next to food. Who would have thought that it has shoes, clothes, dishes and red wine on it? Next to it is living room: a beige sofa seems luxurious at first glance, but with a low seat it looks much more spacious.

This is overall effect of living room, a small round coffee table, a lazy sofa stool, an indescribable feeling of relaxation and relaxation. The TV wall is exactly what you think, surrounded by multifunctional cabinets, it looks like a stucco wall from the outside.

Open these cabinets, all kinds of storage are neat and tidy, which surprises you just like hallway. A simple living room is not like everyday life. It's only when you open this TV cabinet that you find another hidden secret, don't you?

From living room comes dining room. The space is not too spacious and wall decoration is more artistic. The stylish black wooden dining table and chairs are paired with a metal lamp that creates a relaxed, comfortable and cozy atmosphere. atmospheric.

The dining table and chairs are made of both metal leather and solid wood. The overall plan is like a high class restaurant.

The kitchen is a bit smaller and is made in form of an L-shaped cabinet. From countertop to wall, there are beige countertops and ceramic tiles. Elegant and elegant temperament is conspicuous, first-class and fashionable.

The bedside backdrop of master bedroom is made from same light hard bag as the sofa wall, with a matte texture and a very advanced visual effect.

As only storage closet in bedroom, closet needs to be open for everyone to see. The internal structure really meets needs of life of modern people. Different classifications can store more items without looking messy.

The children's room is simply made of tatami, with storage underneath. Bookcase storage surprises those who have their own office. On right is a closet. The grid posting photos of dolls and clocks is not a problem.

This is a separate workspace, relatively small, walls are replaced directly with cabinets, and bay window is used as a cubicle for a desk. Have you discovered secret of cabinets on wall?

The closet below is actually a hidden bunk bed. This rollaway bed can be used as a tea room or as a guest bedroom. It is very comfortable. Are you surprised? It is amazing?

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