There is no wall in kitchen of new 87 sqm house. After using this trick to solve problem of kitchen smoke, neighbors followed suit after seeing this.

The new house is a three-room house with an area of ​​87 sq.m. The house itself is multi-storey, layout is not bad. Glass walls and doors are installed, sliding effect on both sides, open and not afraid of oily fume, let everyone see effect!

The entrance is very narrow, with a wall that cannot be moved. Finally, to make most of space without wasting space, a built-in locker was installed. The door is a dressing bench. shoe cabinet is very practical. This is an open kitchen, with glass sliding doors fitted on both sides, which not only provides a source of light, but also keeps it open, and most importantly, so that oily smoke inside does not come out.

This is interior of kitchen, gray tiles are glued directly to floor in combination with log cabinets, which looks neat and stylish.

The dining table and chairs in restaurant are made of solid wood, which is very close to nature. Eating in your own home is not only very bourgeois, but also has a warm atmosphere that every family aspires to.

When you enter, you will see dining room and living room. From this angle, you can see that kitchen and hallway are actually relatively small.

There is no molding on wall of sofa, but there are three paintings depicting natural green plants. Put on a low log sofa and a specially designed Nordic style sofa cover, fresh and fashionable.

The TV wall is directly pasted over with wallpaper with a 3D effect of cultural bricks all over wall. If you don't look closely, you might think these are cultural bricks. The passage leading to bedroom is also open. The door frame with closet is made straight, which is practical and beautiful. The hanging green curtain has a Scandinavian style.

There is no form in master bedroom. There is a fixed beam, which decorative effect directly avoids. It is possible to build a built-in wardrobe and dressing table there. Not to mention the dressing table is still multi-purpose. If necessary, it is a desk. Also her.

The second bedroom is full of tatami mats, room is relatively narrow, and there is space for a wardrobe. Now that child is small, stretching his legs is not difficult. When he grows up, this will not affect stretching of his legs.

I'm used to squatting, so new house is also equipped with squats, and before I didn't have to worry about frequent blockages in a rented house, it's faster and more convenient to go into water.

The last one is a balcony, not a traditional rectangular one, but a square one. The floor is covered with antique tiles where they wash and dry and tables and chairs can be placed here to cool off. It is very happy to have such a small house.

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The new house is a three-room house with an area of ​​87 sq.m. The house itself is multi-storey, layout is not bad. Glass walls and doors are installed, sliding effect on both sides, open and not afraid of oily fume, let everyone ...
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