The new house is only 90 square meters, but a large terrace of 70 square meters has been given away. Will terrace be installed after house is installed?

I bought this 90 square meter house in a county town as a holiday home. The house is very cheap. Each house has a large terrace. For example, our family gave a terrace of 70 square meters. It's in a big city. You can't give a villa like that, can you? Now that interior of house has been renovated, it cost 150,000 yuan, and effect is very high. Now I am struggling to install a balcony, what do you think?

The entrance is a long corridor. Entering through two doors into bedroom, you will enter dining room and living room. Overall, it's an upscale mix of black, white, and grey. My husband studied fashion design and loves this upscale color scheme the most.

This small bar is built between dining room and living room. Not only is bar beautiful, but overhead light on bar is also very interesting. This is first time my husband brought it from a friend. Abroad.

The floor is covered with gray wood-effect tiles. Although it is said to be imitation wood, you don't have to look closely to know it's a tile, it's too bright. The side wall of TV wall is decorated with wooden planks, and middle is made of drywall. The lines in middle are all painted and played with later, and gray seam glue is also used, which is fashionable and beautiful.

The whole kitchen is made open, and I love this sunny kitchen, and I have a desire to show my hand when I see it. As a holiday home, a large kitchen and large French windows are best suited.

The walls of whole house are painted in this full-fledged gray, and bedside background is also very fresh. The bedside table is installed on wall, and there is only a small partition for storing mobile phones and so on, which is very interesting.

The master bedroom has a large bay window, and all this is done in tatami, and a small bookcase has been specially installed, on which it is very pleasant to lie, read a book and bask in sun in sun. future.

This is living room. Not a balcony adjoins living room, but a large terrace with a total area of ​​70 square meters. Now that interior is complete, how do you install exterior? Many friends heard that this house has such a large terrace for relaxing, and their eyes were watching, and they were very proud when they thought about it~

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I bought this 90 square meter house in a county town as a holiday home. The house is very cheap. Each house has a large terrace. For example, our family gave a terrace of 70 square meters. It's in a big city. You can't give a vill...
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