Renovate an old house of 48 sq. m, to abandon living room and replace it with two rooms, pretending to be Scandinavian style, is also fashionable.

I have been married for many years and rent a house. In recent years, my husband has had problems. We bought a used house in an old village. Its area is only 48 sq.m., but it looks very spacious. completed living room and immediately turned it into two rooms. It is fashionable to decorate in Scandinavian style. Post a photo of completion!

The layout of old houses is as follows: entrance is a kitchen, a bathroom, and so on.

When you enter, this is master bedroom. There is no living room here, and if you don't have money to buy a big house, you can only squeeze in this way. The vital needs of family are still most important. .

The room also has cabinets that are used as desks and bookcases, and they don't affect each other.

From main bedroom entrance to second bedroom. In room prepared for children, there are pink wallpapers on walls. This top-notch wardrobe is custom made. It is beautiful and kids love it. .

The second bedroom has a small balcony made of tatami and a corner table. Children like to have their own desk and wardrobe. There is also a storage area under balcony which looks much more spacious.

In future, it will be covered with soft pillows, and it will still be a good place to relax, and it will be comfortable for guest to stay night.

The kitchen is a small open space, and narrow space also has U-shaped overall cabinets, and storage and appearance are online.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry, dry area is actually designed in aisle, and washing machine and washbasin are designed together to save space.

Behind stylish barn door, there is a bathroom, which is separated by a wall. Although it is too small to accommodate a shower room, installing a shower curtain in future can still achieve effect of separating moisture and dryness. effect of this small apartment Very good?

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