After renting a basement for 5 years, I can finally buy a house. Even a small nest of 43㎡ can easily be divided into two bedrooms

Living in capital city of Beijing, price of renting a house is still very high, even if you drive to 4th Ring Road. After graduation, you move out of student dormitory and rent a basement. The house is my own decision, and small 43㎡ has also been divided into two virtual bedrooms. The living room has been moved into a very large bedroom. My parents can live in it when they come to me. I have a great sense of achievement!

I made a closet on porch when I walked in door, and top and bottom shoe cabinets are big enough for my own shoes. To left is dining room and kitchen.

The dining room is a simple small table. All this furniture is bought online and price is not high. Let's replace it little by little when life gets better. As a southern girl, I really like spicy food. If there is no door in kitchen, it will not work. Oil smoke is heavy, and the house itself is small. This is irreplaceable.

This is an entire living room. The background wall is covered with wallpaper. The house itself is small, and coffee table is on side. The sofa is a super comfortable sofa bed that I bought on purpose. It becomes a big bed when my parents come.

The TV wall has no shape, it's just painted light khaki. The TV stand is a pull-out model bought online and has good storage space. A TV hanging on the wall looks much neater.

This is what bed looks like when unfolded. How about this, we can sleep with our parents and little sister. There is no need to book a hotel floor bed or a luxury bed.

The bedroom is relatively small, and there are glass doors between living room and living room. The lighting in living room is much brighter. Smaller homes need to provide storage space. Take a look at many wall cabinets built into top of bedroom, which has plenty of storage space.

This is interior of bedroom. The house is very small, wardrobes are all built in. The wardrobe is connected to end of bed and only sliding doors can be installed. The house is small, so it's good to divide them into two rooms. In Beijing, a big city, you have your own house, even if you become a domestic slave, you are happy!

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