Decorate whole house with tiles and set bathroom style. Now that you have lived in it for two years, it still looks like a new house, but it is outdated.

The house was built two years ago. The child was small and thin. He liked to scribble and scribble in a rented house. that finish is very wise. The tile on wall looks very fashionable so far. Clean and just like a newly refurbished house. All their complaints were transferred to envy!

After entering entrance, tiles are laid on the wall. The upper and lower shoe racks are not made of paint, but look like acrylic. They can be washed immediately. They are beautiful and practical!

There is also a carved ceiling at top of aisle. When lights are turned on at night, tiles on wall reflect light and effect is great.

From dining room to living room as a whole, walls are tiled, ceiling is majestic and curtains are golden, light is good and room looks very upscale.

I bought a leather sofa so that children would not get it dirty, but just wipe it if it gets dirty, but it feels like once and for all.

The TV wall is naturally made of ceramic tiles, but it is still difficult to make such a plasterboard mold from ceramic tiles. Roman columns, large picture frames and jade flooring are still in vogue.

The dining area is prepared with round tables and seating for six. The dining room is actually place where you are most afraid of getting dirty. If you accidentally get stains on wall, they are easy to wipe off.

The kitchen is connected to dining room, and a sliding door is installed as a partition. Originally, sister-in-law wanted to make it open, but fortunately insisted on installing a partition, otherwise oily smoke could float everywhere.

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, a separate shower is installed. Here's a tip for everyone. Buy better quality. They also installed one in house next door. Now it's broken and gap inside is still black. Well cleaned, our house is still like new.

The master bedroom has a bay window that is not broken but has a marble top. The wardrobe needs to be done so that the room does not look dirty.

The second bedroom also has a bay window, layout is similar to master bedroom, there is no space for studying, and a simple desk is placed against wall, which is very convenient for homework.

Originally, second bedroom was intended for parents. Parents did not come, so they lived in it for children. The children's room is prepared with bunk beds and a desk attached to it. It is very convenient to use as an office or a temporary guest room.

The top of washing machine and washing basin are made of stone on balcony. They are strong and durable, and size is very suitable and does not take up much space. Small life is very convenient~

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