I took my wife to model room of sales office and when I saw her, I said that new house was also decorated in this way, and design fee was saved.

The type of new house I bought is not very good, but there is only one type per 100 apartments and it is still a high floor place. After finishing order, my wife was struggling with problem of how to avoid lighting in decoration. Last weekend, I took her to see same model room in sales office. Fresh and stylish simple and beautiful style, she liked it more and more. After seeing this, she took a picture of it , saying that new house just dressed up!

The interior walls are all painted light khaki which looks very warm and hallway office is also very chic with white hanging cabinets, wardrobes, dressing stools and a black iron ball on wall. beautiful out.

The living room with model is equipped with central air conditioning. The new house I bought doesn't have that. The living room also has a false ceiling. The sofa wall and TV wall are not shaped, and it feels good to hang decorative pictures.

This is overall effect of living room. It is equipped with a light sofa, without a complex ceiling shape, and adjacent balcony is equipped with glass doors. The living room still looks very bright.

If you look at restaurant area from living room, wall is broken here. No wonder new house looks darker, so let's do same with decor.

There is no door between dining room and kitchen, and sideboards made of solid wood are installed on both sides. The dining room is most different from new house. You can say that it is very different from new house. Even kitchen door opens here... Yes, a small round dining table looks very nice.

The walls of kitchen are covered with such small mosaic tiles that can only be glued like this in a model room. In a new house, it is worth pasting over beige square tiles. Also good is effect of fitting to common white cabinets - looking and bright.

This is master bedroom space. It's just a combination of wallpaper and bedding. It's not too gorgeous, but very romantic and warm.

This is second bedroom, much more elegant and refreshing than master bedroom. Equip second bedroom of new house for children, it is also good to choose beautiful wallpapers.

The bathroom has a built-in ceiling and a glass partition that separates dry from wet. The tiles on wall are still a bit quirky, but quite nice. The bathroom in new house is planning to install a separate shower room, and renovation will begin next month. Looking forward to moving in!

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