It took 150,000 yuan to repair whole package without installing door stone. The result of investigation was such an explanation, which is too false.

Most working-class decorations should now look like our home. They do not want to put off decorating while they work, so they choose a comprehensive way to hire labor and materials. New house with an area of ​​102 sq. decoration company signed a contract for 150,000. , mold is also completed, just waiting for furniture to be completed to move in, I did not expect to see it last week, floor and floor tiles are all installed, and door even with door stone is not installed, so what's point of leaving such a shame? I asked worker and he really said: You don't need to install a door stone in your house. Isn't this explanation too false?

This is between bedroom and living room. In both rooms, floors are paved, and there is a door next to it. Even if door stone is not installed, should at least copper bar be pressed down? Isn't that a mockery? The workers actually said that height of installed door stones is not same, which will lead to uneven floors and affect aesthetics. I've seen so many door stones installed but I didn't find it ugly, can't I handle bumps?

Won't door stone be set into such a thick gap and copper strip not be pressed down? It's so ugly and there will be a lot of dust in it. The worker's explanation is too stupid: floor itself has expansion joints, otherwise it will be deformed, and glass glue will be applied at completion of work in future! I have never seen such a generous expansion joint so wide for people to see. Even if it is covered with glass, it will change color. It is so dark and ugly.

The floor and tile are connected directly, leaving this joint in middle. It will be said later that it will be glued to glass, and thermal expansion and contraction of floor will be resolved. I spent 150,000 to install a 102 square meter house, and I think he is relatively willing to spend money. How about replacing glass glue with seam glue? Is it much more expensive? What master can help me, I knew that it would be better than half a bag!

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Most working-class decorations should now look like our home. They do not want to put off decorating while they work, so they choose a comprehensive way to hire labor and materials. New house with an area of ​​102 sq. decoration c...
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