After installing a new house, I assemble upholstered furniture myself. The computer chair in the office is so cute that relatives are in a hurry to get a link

Although this is first decoration, because it belongs to wrestling house, I especially want to participate in whole decoration process. In end, I decided to give half of package to decorating company, and chose materials to control work. The new house 119㎡ has been renovated for more than 2 months.After completion, I began to build upholstered furniture.Accessories,furniture and home appliances are all picked one by one.The computer chair in study is family's favorite.It is cute and beautiful.Many relatives need a link to buy his. !

There are two sets of custom entry cabinets, one set of top and bottom cabinets, and one set of waist cabinets. Items can be placed on tops of belt cabinets. In future, aquariums and crafting tables can be placed to breed fish, which is very practical.

The solid color antique bricks on floor, dark wood dining table and chairs are American style, and walls are painted green, the result of reading so many simple and beautiful styles online. Desired effect.

Behind dining room is kitchen.Initially, kitchen wall can be dismantled.Not only is a sliding door with a white door frame installed, but also a cupboard built into wall, which is super practical.

The tiles in kitchen are very peculiar, floor is paved with large and small square bricks, and walls are covered with small green tiles, kitchen as a whole looks very stylish.

The TV wall and sofa wall in living room are out of shape. They are all green walls, as is dining room. Two decorative paintings are hung with American-style fabric sofas, and inside feels comfortable and fresh.

The walls of master bedroom are unified throughout house. The American-style white four-poster bed is matched with solid American-style bedding with large flowers, which is very elegant.

This is a children's room. The walls are, as usual, light grey-green, with navy blue and burgundy fabrics giving it an American Mediterranean freshness.

The study is very small, there may only be a double table and a book chair, and bay window is decorated as a cubicle, which is very casual.

This is a very cute computer chair with bunny ears. When relatives see him, everyone asks for a link to me. This is latest cute favorite chair of cousins.

There is no dry/wet separation in bathroom, and bathtub and shower are designed in one, with a shower curtain planned to be hung in future. The tile is very textured, even behind toilet, mosaic waistline and small flower tiles are used to create background wall. The use of waistline and flower tile is so talented!

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Although this is first decoration, because it belongs to wrestling house, I especially want to participate in whole decoration process. In end, I decided to give half of package to decorating company, and chose materials to contro...
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