It costs 120,000 yuan for 87 square meters of hard finish. My husband has good eyesight and says bathroom is acceptable.

In our big city, a hard-finished house of 87 square meters costs only 70,000 to 80,000 yuan. Our new house wants to be better decorated, and hard decoration alone costs 120,000 yuan, which is simple and convenient, relatives and friends all praised beauty, but my husband said it was mediocre, saying that decoration is quite ordinary, but bathroom is still relatively high class. Is this money wasted? And you?

The wardrobe in hallway is made. The board is not thick, but it is a massive wooden board, which is environmentally friendly. In middle is a countertop, at bottom there is a place for slippers. There is also a plant in a pot. comfortable.

The wall and floor tiles in kitchen are light in color and the floor tiles are anti-slip.

The living room is relatively small, wall for TV and wall for sofa have no shape, and there are children in family, so materials are well chosen. For example, floor on first floor is made of bamboo and wood flooring, which feels good on feet and is also environmentally friendly.

The sofa is a black leather sofa that was ordered in advance. My husband prefers more advanced look. There are three paintings hanging on back wall, and we will gradually adjust them in future.

In corner of TV wall and sofa wall, a curved wooden partition is installed, and potted plants or other decorations can be placed in future, which is simple and has a simple aesthetic feeling.

I really like balcony, it's just that floor is tiled, and sun loungers are made to order, you can sit and admire scenery.

A simple dining table and chairs, background wall is decorated with a photo wall, and restaurant occupies a small area.

The master bedroom also has a closet, which is included in price of finishing. Like entrance closet, although boards are not thick, they are all solid wood, and load-bearing capacity is not bad. The key is that they do not contain formaldehyde.

The place in second bedroom is small, but bay window is more powerful, it was directly smashed and placed on desk to make most of space.

The bathroom is decorated in black, white and gray colors, giving people a trendy and high quality Scandinavian style. It has a separate shower room which is a common dry/wet water separation design. It can be very elite. without chic decorations No wonder my husband said Bathroom decoration is not bad, what do you think?

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