94㎡Three generations living under same roof, setting up dining tables and chairs in living room, emptying dining room, and squeezing out children's room

Three generations live together in new house. Even if house is only 94 square meters, you need to consider preparing a room for a newborn baby. Finally, I came up with a way to keep original layout. positions of dining table and chairs, original restaurant area is built with a wall and a door, and a separate children's room is a success!

The entrance hall was originally a combination of an entrance hall and a living room. After dining table and chairs were set up, entryway was placed right on wall. placed, so drawer was specially placed as a sideboard. It is also a partition between dining room and living room, otherwise sofa would be too ugly.

In order to make space look more reasonable, direction of sofa arrangement has also been changed, and direction of TV wall has also been changed. There is no complex shape, and the simple plaster line finish is already very fresh and elegant.

The originally planned combo corner sofa has also been replaced with an American style fabric sofa paired with American dark wood furniture, making it more livable.

The kitchen with a small balcony is also used directly. The place that fears chaos most is kitchen, so try to store as much as you can. The open balcony is also equipped with wardrobes. The kitchen will definitely be much cleaner in future.

The building area is only 94㎡, which is much smaller except for common area, and main furniture can be placed in two bedrooms. The bedroom is covered with striped wallpaper, light in room is also good, it looks very bright.

The second bedroom is parents' room. Dark wood furniture is more in line with their preferences. The cabinets are all custom made and are currently ventilated.

A small space in children's room is an original dining room. The walls are covered with wall coverings. The checkered style is very fresh. Now the child is still too small, he is only a few months old. The bed was well chosen. .The first floor is a large bed, if disassembled, you can sleep up to 10 years.

The bathroom is divided into three sections, washbasin is installed outside and shower curtain is installed inside, this is also division into dry and wet, and it will be much more convenient to take care of bathroom. sanitation in future.

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