Small apartment decoration 60 ㎡, function room design 1 ㎡, after reading it, you will become a fan, bookmark it

This young couple's new home is only 60 square meters, and functional spaces couldn't be more complete. There are even unpopular laundries and offices. These are mostly small rooms of 1 square meter, and even 1 square meter. meter entrance is still placed. After getting out of refrigerator, I became a fan after reading this case, and resolutely assembled it, and will wear it for future decoration.

There is no porch at entrance, entire right side is reserved for porch. Although this is a small space of one square meter, there are cabinets for shoes in form of drawers, a bench for changing clothes, and even a refrigerator.

The floor is made of cement gray floor tiles that also feel old. If you don't look closely, you might think it's a cement floor.

The kitchen is a square space made of U-shaped cabinets and fittings are black, which is a serious black and white combination, classic and fresh, suitable for preferences of young people.

The dining room is a small space of one square meter, it is located directly opposite entrance and next to sliding door of kitchen. A small window with it becomes a source of light for a restaurant, fashionable and bourgeois. .

The restaurant features a simple dining table and chairs covered in white tablecloths and gray flags, giving impression of a high class restaurant. The entire wall is painted in starry blue, which blends with white tone and creates a luxurious feel.

To left of entrance is living room, which occupies only 1 square meter in corner of living room, as well as a small open study, isn't that great?

The cabinet configuration is relatively simple: there is a computer desk and a shelf mounted on wall as a bookcase. To accommodate storage needs of cabinet, a small closet is specially equipped underneath.

The TV wall is actually empty. The TV stand hangs directly on wall. The TV stand is very unique. The white geometric texture consists of small and thin legs, which makes space feel spacious.

The balcony is mainly divided into two parts, one of which has an area of ​​1 m², forming a beautiful and practical laundry room. Part of this is also 1㎡, which is a very warm seating area where reading and drinking tea are very pleasant things.

The background of bedside table in bedroom and dining room has same effect. Both of them are made against background of a starry blue sky. The two sets of cabinets are custom-made, and structure inside is more convenient for storage. A dressing table is used instead of a bedside table by window, and sometimes the office can be reduced in a matter of seconds.

Popular elements are also used in bathroom: a three-stage separation design, washbasin is moved outside bathroom, and a barn-style sliding door is installed. The bathroom is also designed with a built-in shower and bathtub, which is more convenient. corresponds to lifestyle of young people. A house like this is probably what many young people consider home, right?

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