Buy two sets of adjoining houses to connect them and decorate them in a super-beautiful American style Relatives must learn this trick!

When I first bought house, size of large area house was not very good, and size of small area house was not enough for a family of four, so I came up with this idea. , apartment is beautiful, there are windows in every room, and decoration is super nice American style. Relatives and friends are shouting that they will do same when buying a house in future!

The entrance to house is finally open, and entrance can be very spacious. The upper and lower shoe cabinets are built into wall, and on the right side there is an end view platform design, stylish and spacious. .

The dining area is very spacious and floor tiles are also lined with corrugated lines surrounding dining area. The dining table and chairs are very high end solid wood and there is a large kitchen behind sliding door. .

Initially, kitchens of two houses were located together, but after opening, two kitchens were separated by a wall.

From dining room into living room, entire living room is still very spacious and balcony is also open, making open floor plan even brighter.

The living room is not small, but L-shaped arrangement of two sets of sofas is much more compact. The background of sofas is directly covered with American-style wallpaper, and lighting in room is very warm.

The symmetrical shape of TV wall is made directly from plasterboard, which is simple and elegant. Solid wood furniture greatly increases space of living room. I like this style.

The master bedroom is a living room in another house with a large balcony as a living balcony. They made a simple false ceiling and installed a built-in wardrobe. Everything is very grand. The bed is also made of classic oil-wax leather and solid wood, which is very stylish.

This is my daughter's room. The bay window was straight cut to make a hanging table. The simple design looks fresh and girly and my daughter loves it.

This is my son's room, which is directly converted into a tatami mat combo, complete with wardrobe, bed, desk, and bookcase. The child loves this functional room.

Two bathrooms are combined into one, and three sections are separated. The bathroom cabinet is also specially designed in form of a two-handled washbasin. Glass sliding doors are also installed inside, and shower area is also separated, which makes it look more spacious and more comfortable.

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When I first bought house, size of large area house was not very good, and size of small area house was not enough for a family of four, so I came up with this idea. , apartment is beautiful, there are windows in every room, and d...
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