A simple floor-to-ceiling decoration with four white flowers can become a trendy Scandinavian home with just one set of furniture.

An 89㎡ house cost 50,000 yuan to make a simple floor-to-ceiling decoration with four white flowers. I always feel that a new house for a family of three is a bit small. A designer friend suggested a soft finish. at a later stage Of course, I just chose a scandinavian-style set. Furnished and upholstered, a shabby salon turned into a stylish scandinavian-style home, enjoy it!

The entrance is relatively narrow, so a thin slanting shoe cabinet has been installed. Although dining room has wooden dining tables and chairs, plus points are lamps, bright yellow lampshades, three in a row, playful and beautiful.

If you look from living room at entire restaurant at entrance, ceiling is made of one wall, and the ceiling light is not even installed, several downlights are used instead. Turn on warm and comfortable night lights!

The dining room is connected to living room without a partition, and the space of a small apartment is basically like this.

Sofa - low scandinavian style sofa that I ordered. The gray tones and white walls I chose are a common combination of Scandinavian style. Having put a small round coffee table, you just want to snap your fingers! Ideal!

The bed in master bedroom is also a wooden bunk. I bought one for a matching nightstand. The dressing table was simply placed on other side. This little table is very unique. It has drawers, a dressing box and a mirror. The shape is simple and light, maybe you like it too?

The second bedroom is actually a regular room, with a log bed and soft fabrics, but at first glance you can see that this is a nursery. Why? Just below waist, wall is painted pink and whole room is filled with princess fantasy.

Actually, I thought about painting whole wall pink, but then innocence and attractiveness are lost. This kind of latex paint in wrong color is still a suggestion from a designer friend. A simple decoration can change style with a soft decoration, this is a personal practice, have you learned this?

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