My friend spent 600,000 yuan to decorate his new house, but TV was placed right on floor, which is really strange.

My friend's new house is a large flat floor of almost 130 square meters, it was originally a frame structure, so all walls that could be broken in room were torn down and most of space was open. Everyone has different ideas. They spent 600,000 yuan on decoration, and end result is somehow incomprehensible, high-end, and somehow too strict, especially since TV is not hung on wall, but placed directly on floor in middle of living room. Isn't that too careless? sex?

The anti-theft doors are double slats that are very spacious. The opposite side of door is divided by wooden posts, and entire wall to right is built into cabinets. Entry cabinets and skirting boards are all in place.

The dining room is located to side of wooden partition wall, with an open layout and a large rectangular dining table, which is very convenient for a dinner together of more than a dozen people.

Attached to dining area is an open-plan kitchen that contrasts with color of aisle walls, with white walls and white cabinets, while space from aisle to bedroom is black with black walls and ceilings. and white. The correspondence looks more advanced.

On other side of dining and kitchen aisle, there is a seating area reserved for living room. There are partitions for storage on wall, carpets and pillows on floor, as well as yoga balls. It is a small seating area for reading and practice, yoga and so on.

The entire living room is on left side after entering door. The furniture is refined and meticulous, with just one armchair and a small fabric sofa, which make already spacious living space more majestic.

The background wall of sofa is very individual. It is directly ordered and processed bare drywall, and high-grade gray temperament is very upscale. The TV wall was not made directly. If it is, then it is probably a TV base. This is first time I see a TV wall placed directly on ground. It is very strange.

Watching TV from a different angle, top of wall is mostly beams, there is no ceiling, there are built-in ceiling lights, and there is not even a main light, and all floor-to-ceiling windows make whole room spacious and bright.

The master bedroom is a large suite with a separate dressing room and separate toilet.

From kitchen aisle, all walls are made of black solid wood wall panels, only these few are not low, and effect is very high class, but do you need to live at home so carefully?

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