The 56㎡ L-type apartment actually has two separate bedrooms, and the decoration is complete and fresh!

Small houses are very popular in big cities, and many visitors prefer to buy small houses due to economic pressure. Today I would like to show you this small nest with a built-up area of ​​only 56 square meters, because the L-shaped apartment has two bedrooms, such IKEA style is so refreshing!

The floor plan is prepared for everyone first. The house is small and photos taken are not exhaustive to make it easier for everyone to see layout and you can learn from it if you have same type of house.

The entrance hall is relatively narrow, only enough for a thin slanted shoe cabinet. Opposite entrance is kitchen, and to left is bathroom with sliding doors. The small tiles on floor are very beautiful and I really like it.

The kitchen is a long space. L-shaped log cabinets. Shooting angles are different. In fact, space is very small, so it looks very fresh.

The entrance to door is bathroom. The layout of small house is very compact, almost one step is a functional room. The small bathroom is also separated from wet and dry and you have to be careful turning around in shower area.

Even though kitchen is open to outside, it is separated from dining and living areas by glass sliding doors. The dining room is designed with card seats, while space on upper surface is not wasted, hanging cabinets are installed for storage, there are sideboards.

Turning around, you will see living room. The TV wall has no shape, just left empty and a log TV cabinet is installed, which is enough to store items in living room.

In living room there is a false ceiling made of wooden beams. The backdrop for sofa is two simple handmade works. The gray fabric double sofa is very delicate and whole living room looks very warm.

The space in master bedroom is reduced, and wardrobe can only be built into wall at end of bed. The combined wardrobe of TV cabinet and wardrobe is beautiful and practical, but passage left in middle is a little narrow, and getting through it is a little difficult.

The second bedroom space is especially small, just a small space in corner, with no proper size bed, it's been turned into a solid tatami mat, and a wooden plank has been installed as a writing desk.

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