50,000 for a room 78㎡, ridiculed by relatives for renting out house, leave a comment if you disagree with the photos!

It took a long time for family to accumulate a down payment for this small 78 sq. m. Finishing is still done by a professional decorating company. The furniture is ready to move in. Relatives came and laughed. in a rented house. Obviously, this is a happy haven for our family. There won't be that warm feeling in a rental house, right?

The entryway is very narrow and shoe cabinet is a bit far fetched, let's see if we can install a slim shoe cabinet with a diagonal entry in future. Today's shoes are placed right at entrance.

The dining room is just around corner from entrance. On one side is kitchen in a sliding door and on other side is bathroom at back. The space is small and the layout is very compact.

The dining room is a log dining table and chairs. Dining chairs are specially selected and match overall style. There is no custom-made crystal chandelier here. This simple Scandinavian style is very suitable for a new home restaurant.

There is a bathroom at back, there is little space, the washbasin is equipped with a mirror cabinet, there is a lot of storage space.

The total area is only 3 square meters, and curved shower curtain rods are installed at corners to create a pattern of separation of dry and wet air. It's practical. Can a rental house do it?

The sofa just arrived and dimensions were hard to handle, so I bought this beige fabric sofa. The black iron flower stand can not only place flower pots, but also picture frames or books in future. The sofa is also free space for reading.

The TV wall has no shape. The log TV cabinet has four drawers and two shelving units. It has a lot of items on it and storage is also very powerful.

What I like most is that this house has a large balcony. In future, I plan to put a desk on it as an open office. Also can be washed and dried. This is a very powerful multi-functional area.

Two bedrooms are not very spacious, one is yellow latex painted and used as a children's room, and other is master bedroom with a large bed.

The master bedroom and living room have same color scheme. The log bed, beige mattress and color of curtains are same as balcony in living room. It is fresh and elegant, creating a warm atmosphere. and comfortable feeling. Can this only be called a rental house? Are people's demands so high now?

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