Use slate to decorate TV background wall, American style combination and combination looks more stylish!

If you want to make your home look luxurious and trendy, you can't do it by making more beautiful and intricate shapes, but you can also do it by choosing right materials. Take a look at this 109㎡ American-style mixed house. The details are delicately crafted. The brick beam is made from solid wood. To make countertop and create a retro and rough TV wall, choose slate gray, this style is not a little higher!

This is a living room, not a traditional American style. It has rustic elements and a pastoral vibe as well as a Mediterranean retro vibe. All American art concepts you want are almost integrated here. Obviously, everyone likes white cultural bricks, but homeowner chooses such gray stone slabs for construction of TV wall. The effect is more than warm, and temperament is more fresh.

The floor is covered with antique tiles, and living area has a specially designed mosaic pattern. Covering sofa in English plaid is a relaxed and comfortable feeling in field that everyone wants.

American style cannot do without a stylish element of bar counter. On one side of living room, a semi-closed space is built of brick, pasted over with mosaic colored bricks, solid wood boards are installed on countertop, and wooden ceiling is in tone, fresh and natural, very emotional.

The bar and dining area are visually connected, and dining area and kitchen are located in an open plan. The dark dining table and solid wood chairs draw light from kitchen balcony. This window is really wonderful!

The kitchen is open, with solid wood cabinets, beige quartz stone on countertop, beautiful wall tiles, specially selected vintage floral tiles that turn the kitchen walls into a work of art.

The color match of furniture is maintained, and curtains are not specially equipped with luxurious and heavy ornate styles, but this light and elegant light-transmitting curtain makes the bedroom soft and cozy.

The bedroom and bathroom were cleaned directly, a full-wall wardrobe was made, and a working space was allocated for rest. This supporting structure meets needs of the home.

The second bedroom is for children. The combined wardrobe with tatami is made from same solid wood. The bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and desk are in their places, all functions are completed.

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and washbasin is designed in aisle outside. The original wall was broken in half and a carved black iron screen was installed. Here Mediterranean spirit is fully manifested.

The inside of bathroom is small, there is no separation between dry and wet, instead it is decorated with antique peacock-colored tiles. Since space cannot be separated from dry and wet, attention should be paid to adjusting slope of ground so that water flows faster and saves water. Flooding is everywhere.

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If you want to make your home look luxurious and trendy, you can't do it by making more beautiful and intricate shapes, but you can also do it by choosing right materials. Take a look at this 109㎡ American-style mixed house. The d...
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