The new house with a building area of ​​118㎡ is also divided by four bedrooms, which is a bit cramped, but the layout is perfect.

The new house is a three-room house with a built-up area of ​​118 sq.m. The initial layout is good. The layout was later adjusted to squeeze out dressing room. I feel that it is a bit cramped to arrange furniture. The layout of four-room apartment is perfect!

Starting from front door, interior furniture or decorations are done in dark colors, and warmth is felt from door with a warm-colored light source. The upper and lower cabinets for shoes and hats are installed, and lower one is also left empty, which is convenient for storing household slippers, which is simple and practical.

There is a one-way sliding door on right side of entrance, and through sliding door one enters kitchen. The two rows of cabinets are also solid wood, with blue wall and floor tiles, and there is a refreshing Mediterranean feel.

The entrance from aisle is a restaurant. Initially, restaurant had a very spacious room, during renovation it was separated by a wall, and dining table and chairs were crowded in corner of living room.

All interior walls are painted in earthy khaki color, which is biased towards American country temperament, with a calm and leisurely feel. The TV wall has no shape, it is directly painted orange, and pure color wall is simple and warm.

After changing layout, living room is not as spacious as before, so a three-seater flat-shaped sofa is placed on sofa, and in order to make it look more spacious, balcony also opens up and a deck chair is placed for reading and drinking tea, very convenient.

This is original area of ​​the restaurant, separated by an office with a retro book rhyme, which is a little small, but enough for an office and study. The brick-red cultural bricks and wrought-iron bookshelves on wall are quite artistic.

There is no stretch ceiling in master bedroom, gray matte wallpapers, a log bed and striped curtains are pasted on walls, clearly inconsistent color scheme looks harmonious, and also indicates some kind of high fashion and comfort.

The master bedroom and original small bedroom are connected together and it is not completely connected. An independent walk-in closet connected to master bedroom has been completed. There is a separate dressing table in form of a drawer, and there are also symmetrical wardrobes on both sides. An office, practical and beautiful.

The design of second bedroom is same as living room: walls are painted earthy yellow and match log furniture.

The design of toilet not only consists of dry and wet separation, but highlight is use of mirror glass as dry and wet glass separation. Initially, a small space looks more spacious under reflection.

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