Not afraid of quarrels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, new 120-square-meter house is decorated in Scandinavian style, and three generations live happily together.

In today's society, there are still very few people living in cities where three generations live under same roof, typical excuse is that they are afraid of quarrels between mothers-in-law and daughter-in-law who live together. Today, this 120 square meter three-room apartment is decorated in a simple Scandinavian style: all black, white and gray + log tones, not only does it not look abandoned, but thanks to many small details it can convey more warmth. life with pleasure!

The front door is not a porch closet, and width of aisle does not allow for construction of a shoe and hat closet. one side, and a built-in wall. The built-in sideboard is neat and elegant.

The dining room is a simple dining table and chairs. The wall is painted in a full blue-gray tone. On one side of dining table, a built-in sideboard is specially built. You can use an open partition as a wine cabinet. Cabinets can also store all sorts of things.

A black-framed sliding door is a kitchen that is still a combination of gray and white. Not only wall and floor tiles, but also stone countertops are specially selected in the same color scheme, which is elegant and simple.

There is a wooden screen on visual partition between dining room and living room. A gray sofa made of Scandinavian fabric goes very well with a gray wall. Neither TV wall nor sofa wall is shaped to maintain this elegance. Carefully.

The living room is not too spacious, sofas are double, and there are only two paintings on a simple background wall, which looks very artistic.

A log TV cabinet is paired with tall green potted plants. Even if it's a smooth wall, this cool tone has distinct layers and can convey a sense of warmth.

The style of master bedroom is basically same as living room, with gray and blue walls, a gray bed, and log bedside tables that are elegant and comfortable.

Compared to master bedroom, second bedroom is for elderly, so color tone of wall remains same, and color of upholstered furniture and fabrics is much brighter. A quiet space can reflect elder's unique vitality.

The children's room still has blue-gray walls, but a common combined tatami cabinet has been built, which saves space. Desks and bookcases are completed, taking into account needs of children in learning and life.

The bathroom is mostly black and white. The glass sliding door is installed to separate dry and wet water. The tile on floor draws attention when you walk through door. The black and white geometric texture matches Scandinavian style. The overall combination of white bathroom and wall tiles is fresh and simple. Is this bathroom you want?

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